The Tarantellas

Melodies Italiano!

Festive and Romantic Music for your wedding!

We are strong believers in the old adage that "Love makes the world go 'round!"  If you are in love, and planning to declare this to the world by taking your marriage vows, then we would love to help you celebrate!  The Tarantellas are available for your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, or  rehearsal dinner, and will create a romantic and festive "Old World" atmosphere that you and your guests will never forget!  We'll stroll around the venue, serenading everyone with the timeless Love Songs of Italy.  Beautiful traditional Italian Wedding Songs are sung in English for all to enjoy. And believe me, you don't have to be Italian to be entranced by these wonderful sounds. The melodies and rhythms of Italian music are known and loved the world over, and are irresistible to young and old alike. The Tarantellas will make them come alive for you in an intimate and joyful way! 

Our rates are reasonable and our goal is simple:  to help make your wedding day a memorable celebration of your enduring love!

Please give Richard a call at 206-985-0737, or e-mail us at, and give us the privilege of sharing in your very special day.

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 "To Each His Own": Each His Own 2.Sample.MP3

"Bella Notte": Notte2 Sample.MP3

 To watch a Video of The Tarantellas performing the great Dean Martin Love Song "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime",  click on this link: